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"The Chimpanzee is only one of the many species threatened with extinction in the wild; but he is, after all, our closest living relative and it would be tragic if when our grandchildren are grown the Chimpanzee exists only in the zoo and the labratory-a frightening thought, since for the most part the Chimpanzee in captivity is different from the magnificent creature we know so well in the wild."

Dr. Jane Goodall from her book 'In The Shadow of Man'


Primate Questions of Conservation

An Ethnographical film by Fisher, Hellyer, Koller and Leonhardt. Produced from film footage and still photography gathered during The Colorado African Expedition of 2007

‘Primate Questions of Conservation’ was produced from film footage and still photography gathered during The Colorado African Expedition of 2007. The film focuses upon the plight to conserve and protect a secure habitat for the central African great apes at the expense of the habitat and hunter-gatherer culture of the Batwa pygmy people. The two groups of Primates, Great Apes and Batwa Pygmies, lived together harmoniously for thousands of years. However, now the Batwa people having been forced off their ancestral lands are diminishing along with the disappearance of their hunter-gatherer culture. ‘Primate Questions of Conservation’ is a film by Fisher, Hellyer, Koller and Leonhardt-All Rights Reserved

  • Director(s): Julian Monroe Fisher FRGS FI'00 (US American, Austrian Residency) and Christoffer Koller (Austrian)
  • Cameras and Sound: Julian Monroe Fisher FRGS FI'00 and Keith Hellyer (Canadian)
  • Film Editor: Christoffer Koller
  • Executive Producer: Julian Monroe Fisher FRGS FI'00
  • Music: Tomás Leonhardt
  • Nationality of the film: Austria
  • Filming Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda

Available in PAL and NTSC formatted DVD
Running Time 32 minutes

Distributor Contact Info
Julian Monroe Fisher FRGS FI'00

For further information: contact(@)julianmonroefisher.com

The trail of an expedition in the end offers many insights as to who we were as explorers when we took the time to go look. To journey is to experience life to the fullest. The true responsibility of an adventurer is to return from the far corners of the globe and accurately share those experiences gained with all others that care to take the time to listen.

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