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Julian Monroe Fisher is an explorer noted primarily for his exploration of the African continent and his knowledge about Victorian Age expeditions in Northern and Central Africa.

He is an Anthropologist, a photographer and a published author. Julian is a Fellow with The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) in London and an International Fellow with the Explorers Club in New York City. He also produced ethnographical documentary, the film 'Primate Questions of Conservation

To date Julian has conducted expeditions in over one hundred countries around the globe and has led six successful expeditions to the African continent, four of which were sanctioned Explorers Club flag expeditions.

"Fisher’s expeditions across the planet have done far more than tick off feats of mega-trekking prowess—they are essential aspects of his ethnological and geographic research." National Geographic Magazine

Current expedition in progress:

Dream Big and Dare To Fail - Exploring beyond a Culture of Contest
Julian Monroe Fisher at TEDx Innsbruck, Austria in June 2012


"Julian Monroe Fisher's talk 'Journey to Katanga - An Expedition Into The Past' is an interesting story looking at the fascinating history of this little known region of Africa. Julian presents the talk in an enthusiastic and informative manner bringing to life his experiences in the area. Julian answers questions from the audience in a very effective and
friendly manner."
Colin Mitchell, Dumfries Centre of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society

"Excellent!! I got really caught up in your story when you were telling "your" tale. Your personal experience. You talking about you, your life, your failures, your inspiration, your dream. Norman would have loved to have been in the audience! He would have been so proud and pleased. It's really an inspiring story. "
Carolyn Muegge-Vaughan, Co Expedition Leader for The Mount Vaughan Antarctic Expedition

"You were amazing!!!!"
Kathrin Austermayer, Director, TEDx Innsbruck

"It is an inspiring and interesting video that challenges all of us to dream big and dare to fail as well. Something that we should all keep in mind as we pursue the passions in our life."
Kraig Becker, The Adventure Blog


Currently ongoing expedition: In February 2012, Julian began a five year - eight expedition Ethnographical field research on the African continent.

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1996 - 2003

From 1996-2003 Julian travelled the world on a continuous trek that is noted for overland travel on five continents for a total of over 345,000 miles. The expeditions during that period included:

The Central American Expedition (November 1996 - April 1997, 6 months)
Overland travel through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama.

The South American Expedition (August 1997 - April 1998, 8 months)
Overland travel through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Venezuela.

The South East Asia Expedition (September - December 1998, 4 months)
Overland travel through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal and India.

The African Expedition (December 1998 - May 1999, 6 months)
Overland travel through Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cote D’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal and Morocco.

The Australian - Indonesian Expedition (February - May 2000, 4 months)
Overland travel through Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Java, Lombok, Bali, Soulevesie, Irian Jaya and northern Australia.

The Kilimanjaro - Malawi Expedition (January - March 2001, 2 months), a mountaineering expedition up a seldomly used approach to Mount Kilimanjaro followed by overland exploration of Malawi.

The 2001 Middle East Expedition (April - May 2001, 2 months), an overland expedition through Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The expedition included interior research of the Great Pyramid on the Geza Plateau and interior research at Abu Simbel authorized by Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of Egyptian Antiquities. Results appeared in Julian's published book, ‘Tales From On The Surface…And The Road Goes On’.

The Nicaraguan Expedition - From the Pacific to the Atlantic (July 2001, 1 month), an overland and river trek from the Pacific Ocean coast to the Atlantic Ocean coast of Nicaragua. The expedition documented unexcavated archaeological remnants from the period along the route of Mark Twain’s 19th century overland crossing of Nicaragua. Initial results appeared in Julian's published book, ‘Tales From On The Surface…And The Road Goes On’.

The North Asia Expedition (April - May 2002, 2 months) was an overland trek from Shanghai to Moscow, through China, Mongolia, Siberia and Russia.


In 2003 Julian moved to the rainforests of southern Belize, Central America, where he conducted The Mayan - Garifuna Study Expedition (December 2003 – March 2005, 16 months). There he lived 'off grid' in a thatch roofed Maya built hut to study the modern day cultures of the Maya and Creole people of southern Belize.

since 2005

In 2007 with Canadian conservationist Keith Hellyer, Julian led The 2007 Colorado African Expedition, an overland journey following the route taken by famed Hollywood filmmaker and explorer Paul Louis Hoefler during his 1928-29 Colorado Expedition(January 2007 - April 2007). The team followed the route from Mombasa, Kenya, through Uganda, then due to rebel activity in southern Sudan, the expedition headed south through Rwanda, Burundi, down the length of Lake Tanganyika aboard the MV Liemba ferry, across Zambia and Namibia to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

During The 2008 Mount Stanley Expedition(June 2008 - August 2008) Fisher and his team were credited by The Uganda Wildlife Authority for establishing a new route down from the Rwenzori Mountain glaciers to the Semliki River to Lake Edward proving conclusively the range is a true source of the River Nile.

Julian’s expeditions turned their focus to the Katanga Province of The Democratic Republic of Congo in 2009(June 2009 - August 2009) and 2010(June 2010 - August 2010) where he is working closely with Sa Majeste´ Mwenda-Bantu Munongo Godefroid Mwami, the king of the Garanganze people of Katanga. Julian is researching the events of the 1891-92 Stairs Expedition to Katanga as well as potential local unexcavated archaeological sites. He is also working with Mwami Munongo and his family to build the first royal museum in the Congo and an Anthropological research station in the village of Bunkeya.

In the Spring of 2011 Julian set out on one of his most ambitious expedition, a coast to coast walk across Africa. Entitled EQUATORIA-A Walk Across Africa, Julian began on the Indian Ocean shoreline of Mozambique and ended on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline of Angola.

Julian M. Fisher is a Fellow with The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) and a Fellow with The Explorers Club.